fun in tutu-land

 Thanks everyone for your feedback and thoughts on my post yesterday, I rather enjoyed all of your insight and wisdom. It was also fun for me to try something a little new on this blog and create a discussion. I might be doing it more often if I feel so inclined…

So along with having deep philosophical conversations with myself over the weekend, I also went on some adventures to put together my Halloween costume. I happen to love Halloween and dressing up in costumes that  put together and make myself.  My costumes almost always involve a lot of glitter. Because since glitter became somewhat unacceptable on a regular weekday out on the streets after 7th grade, I make sure to get my yearly fill on the one day it is acceptable, Halloween. I am keeping my costume for this year secret until I am ready to reveal it to you closer to the holiday, but I am pretty exited about it. I actually made it and wore it already in 8th grade, but it was so good, I’m wearing it again this year. Why not??

But back to the original story, this past weekend I hit up some cool vintage shops (finds outside of costume-ville coming to this blog soon) and a Halloween costume shop or two. It just so happens that when I was shopping around for my costume, I impulse bought a ruffly tulle petticoat (meant for flouncyness under a dress) that is pretty much just a black tutu. God knows why I bought it but I think it was like $12 and I was in the dress-up spirit. I thought it could be fun for future costumes and for maybe under a regular black short full-skirted dress to give it a little something extra. And then back home on Sunday, I played dress up. Because what else is there to do on a rainy Sunday in October but try on everything in your closet and come up with fun new outfits?  Needless to say, I made many outfits out of the tutu. Here I am wearing it with my J. Crew Marled Shawl Collar Cardigan (not Navajo printed, but I still love it. I actually bought it a month ago on my last trip to L.A, but it hasn’t been cold enough in SF to wear it yet. It’s finally coming to sweater season though… yay. Side note: It has cute zippered pockets!) and my Frye motorcycle boots and my grandmother’s vintage jewels. You know, just for fun… I kind of wish I could get away with wearing this to the office, but I don’t think that would fly. So for now, I can just wear it around my apartment and share fun pics with you here. Indulge me for a second.

  1. […] I inherited this darling light yellow vintage beaded sweater from my grandmother, Roberta. Wearing it always makes me think of her and also makes me feel a little bit like Reese Witherspoon’s character in Pleasantville. I paired it with a tutu skirt I recently picked up off the clearance rack at Target. It’s actually a real skirt! Apparently I was a little ahead of my time when I wore this costume petticoat thing here. […]

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