Paris continued…

My journey through Paris Fashion Week continues… A roundup review of any fashion week would not be complete without these two: Alexander McQueen and Chanel. Awe Inspiring. Insert giddy sound effect. … Alexander McQueen Clearly, Sarah Burton was a big fan of Black Swan, as this collection seems to be heavily inspired by it – the themes are written all over

PFW: Chanel!

The talk of the fashion town yesterday was Karl Lagerfeld’s showing of the Chanel Spring 2011 collection at Paris Fashion Week. It was apparently quite the show (as it always is). Karl sent 80 different models onto a circular runway in 85 different looks. They were accompanied by a symphony. Karl’s collection was inspired by the 1961

current obsessions: beauty

Come Fall, along with a wardrobe and accessory refresher, I also like to give my beauty routine a little reboot. Just a few new things to update my look and usher in the changing of the seasons. Here are the new Fall beauty items I have recently acquired and am currently obsessing over: … Two different shades of Fall’s hottest nail

parlez vous gossip!

I have officially started my own personal countdown to the Season 4 premiere of Gossip Girl – 10 days people! 10 days until we get visual overload of fashion fashion fashion (and a healthy does of drama, of course!). If you haven’t heard, Gossip Girls’ first couple of episodes take place in Paris. So now we get Parisian Fashion.  I

bonfire of the vanities

I love pretty things that sit on vanities. Having them to look at and enjoy makes my morning (or midday, or evening) ritual of getting ready all the more special. Vintage-inspired perfume bottles, lotions and potions with lovely labels, vibrant colors of makeup to be put on with soft bristle brushes, and of course, Chanel.

j'adore vos chaussures…

My friend Sara informed me early yesterday afternoon that she would be showing up for our Tuesday night wine date in some very special new shoes. She couldn’t wait for me to see them and she couldn’t wait to debut them out on the town. She showed up in Chanel. Beautiful Chanel shoes. The classic