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{my phases of the moon calendar}

It’s officially November… which means a couple of things around these parts. One – winter is coming: case in point- Boston got snow today (!). The holiday season is upon us (already!), and also, mercury has come out of retrograde – and we won’t have another incident of that in 2014. Whew. We also got a New Moon this past week in the house of Scorpio – ruler of transformation  and associated with control, dominance and intensity. You may know from this earlier post that I am big on the power and magic of a New Moon- new beginnings and very charged energy, due to the fact that the sun and moon sit in the same astrological house. We are literally starting this month with a clean slate and a forward moving motion – which feels so good.

In addition, on Thursday we have a Full Moon in the house of Taurus – which is the corresponding moon to the New Moon of April (which I talked about here). This energy will be the physical manifestation of the energy we put out during that New Moon – which I know felt like was a formative time for me and had me thinking about some big ideas in life. I am already feeling it a little and I am interested to see it play out this week. Who knows, some major things may be ahead for me. This New Moon energy has me all excited for what’s to come.

I got cozy in my apartment this weekend after a week of celebrating Halloween (I was a witch – ‘The Craft’), and got out my blankets and space heaters and put away the fans until May. Tis that time of year. Also pretty excited about this extra hour of day/sleep… Happy November xx.

::New Moons are physically the first phase of the moon- followed by the first quarter, full moon and then third quarter. A new moon is when the moon orbits closest to the Sun as seen from Earth. During a new moon, the sun and the moon have the same ecliptical longitude (on the same side of Earth) and therefore the sun does not illuminate the moon, and it is not visible (except during solar eclipses)::


wyeth house 30

It’s no secret the state of Pennsylvania has some really amazing history and culture. When my mom visited me this past week we decided to check something off of our PA bucket list and visit the Wyeth estate and museum about 45 minutes south east of the city. The Wyeth estate is the property of the Wyeth family, including their family home and the studios of father son artists, N.C. (Newell Convers, what a name) and Andrew. N.C. was an early 20th century realist painter and very successful illustrator, most famously for Treasure Island. Andrew was a realist and regionalist painter of the mid 20th century – his most famous work is arguably Christina’s World  (see below) which hangs in the MoMa in NYC. Andrew was the youngest of N.C.’s five children, all of whom were artistic- one musician- and grew up in the Wyeth home in Chadds Ford, PA. The beautiful river-front museum that is on the property includes many works by N.C., Andrew, Andrew’s son Jamie and other artists of the Brandywine River Valley. We took a tour of the home as well as N.C.’s little white studio up the hill from the house. The studio was filled with easels and many objects he used as models for this illustrations and paintings – really fascinating. If you are in the Philadelphia area, I highly recommend the trip, as it was so interesting and very, very scenic, especially in the fall.

andrew wyeth christina's world

wyeth house 26

wyeth house 28

wyeth house 31 wyeth house 46 wyeth house 45 wyeth house 12

DSC_0006 wyeth house 37 wyeth house 36 wyeth house 33

wyeth house 010
Free People Every Girl henley :: leather harness :: herringbone pants :: Aritzia jacket (similar) :: Rag & Bone Newbury booties :: mini Pilot bag



fall floral dress 017 fall floral dress 012 fall floral dress 018
Free People Sunbeam maxi dress  :: knit moto jacket ::  leather harness :: Bite Beauty high pigment lip pencil in Pomegranate (this stuff is good)

I love a good fall floral. This bilowy and floaty Free People pomegranate-colored floral maxi is so good, and so fall perfect- the color! Perfect trans-seasonal dressing, although I will probably wear it deep into winter as well. Sometimes a sweeping maxi dress is what a winter wardrobe needs to breathe some life into it.

Are we all enjoying the changing of the leaves? The state of Pennsylvania is really beautiful this time of year… I could live in this month forever…