Hugo Guinness love

As I was decorating my new apartment, I decided I needed my first piece of real art. Yep, I did. And so, my Hugo Guinness collection has begun. I have been having a love affair with Hugo (yes, of those Guinness’s – cousin of Daphne) prints for awhile now, and knew one needed to be mine. Maybe it was first seeing them scattered all over the walls in the Tenenbaum’s house in The Royal Tenenbaums, or in Kate and Andy Spade’s home in just about every cool interior magazine or blog, or in a Real Simple magazine spread a couple of years ago- the London born, Brooklyn dwelling artist’s lino prints of quirky drawings captured my heart. I love the look of a collection of the prints all haphazardly hung up on gallery wall- or even mixed in with other art. Of course I can’t wait to collect more.

 What did I choose for my first Hugo? ‘Stylish‘ of course…


Hugo Guinness prints


hugo guiness 003

Hugo and wife Elliott Puckette’s Brooklyn living room from Vogue Living, a Hugo Guinness entryway gallery, Linda Rodin’s dreamy bedroom with Hugos over her bed from Matchbook Magazine (you have to check out the rest of her place – magical), and my own ‘Stylish’ print in my Philadelphia bedroom

Check out Hugo’s fun collaboration with Men’s Coach here

the trend board project

Sometimes, to take a break from the real serious business I do at my job, I like to create fun mood/trend boards for inspiration, putting to good use all of those magazines I have lying around. I love that my job is such a mix of left brain/right brain – just like me. Creative, but good at math.

Here are a few of my latest…


“Ultimately, fashion is all about gut anyway — there’s no science to what this should look like or that should look like or how many times you can redraw that or resketch that or redo that catalogue cover. The fact of the matter is, either it grabs you or it doesn’t.”

Jenna Lyons

travel diary: chicago part 1

I spent the majority of the past week in Chicago for work (and some play). I had never been there before and was so amazed by how pretty the city is – the river and the lake! My friend Kelly and I visited the Bean, hung out a bit in Millennium Park (prettiest gardens) and took the architecture river boat tour (I think Kelly was just in for the tan, but she was a good sport), which was pretty amazing. I love architecture and design and couldn’t believe a) how many skyscrapers there are in this city (who works in all of these?) and b) how many different architecture styles of skyscrapers there are – makes for a pretty awesome skyline. We dined on the river and took in some fun nightlife (hello sceney hotel rooftop bars) and even had a run in with one of my favorite tv actors – Matt from Friday Night Lights! Tomorrow comes pictures of our Sunday Funday in Wicker Park.

Where is your favorite place to visit and hang out in Chicago?

New Dreams

After a couple days of traveling, getting back to work and getting situated into regular life again, I have finally gotten around to really thinking about the year ahead. About all of my new dreams for 2012. 2011 was an interesting and completely game changing year for me and helped me start to get some clarity on the life I’d like to create for myself as I head into my 27th year.

I’ve got big dreams for this year, because what is life without big dreams for yourself? And 2012 will be all about working toward making them come true, because what are big dreams worth without execution? Mine are all about the biggies: Mind, body and spirit, my career, my relationships and oh yes, this blog. Yep, I’ve got big plans for this blog coming up, get ready.

what are your big new dreams for 2012?

And as always, thanks for reading this blog, I appreciate each and every one of you, you’re helping my dreams come true. I hope you continue to enjoy! ♥♥

*photo source

twilight fever

Guess what I am seeing tonight? Totally excited. Bring on the Vampire baby making.

photos from the December 2008 issue of Vanity Fair (I remember when this came out! I was all about it and loved this spread) – right before the first movie opened. Look at baby Jacob!

daydreaming in san francisco

At least every couple of months I like to take a lazy Sunday when I have no other plans, grab a friend and just walk around San Francisco a bit in a state of daydream, taking pictures of things that inspire me. It reminds me of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city (and why my rent is so high) with so many cool and interesting neighborhoods, shops and restaurants.  Being appreciative is always a good thing, as is getting inspired by the beauty around you. And I know this DVN quote has been making its rounds in the blog world, but I just couldn’t resist incorporating it in this post because I love it and its message so much. The world would be such a more boring place without a little imagination, right?

*all photographs by me

back in action

well hey there everyone!

it has been awhile, but i am now officially back in action here after a little break. it was a busy july for me with trips to LA, Seattle, the east coast and just recently, Santa Barbara. me and the SF airport were BFFs!  Now I am back in SF for a while, staying put. I have officially put my suitcase back in my closet and unpacked my makeup. I’m also back to working full 5 day weeks, which my boss is pretty happy about (boo i’m not). anyhoot i have lots of fun things planned for this blog this week – sneak peek photo above –  so be sure to check back!

oh and p.s. happy august! (how did that happen?)

xx, tara