denim jacket 001 denim jacker 002 denim jacket 003TopShop Denim Jacket :: Free People ‘Garden Bloom’ Dress :: Acne suede boots :: Rag & Bone clutch :: Ray Ban Aviators

I’m really feelin’ the denim jacket this Spring, you guys. My like for this wardrobe classic goes in and out year over year- however, destructed and boyfriendy with some rolled up sleeves? I’m in right now. I think it was this and then this that started it all (Acne, Acne again…I know I’m not the only one obsessing over these). I finally found one that isn’t a whole month’s rent and here we are – a perfect Spring dress topper, not too preppy or sweet (just the way I like it). So good.

p.s. Spring light? Glorious. I can’t get over how lovely the Spring is here in Philly, especially since I am still having snow storm nightmares. I wan’t these 65-70 degree zero humidity days to last forever! I’ll gladly be stuck in May forever :-)


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