heart all over town

I stumbled upon this heart-printed Equipment blouse while shopping in Montecito, CA a couple of weekends ago. It was just totally impossible to pass up (did you know I am a heart lover? have you seen my Valentine’s day post?). I think it’s pretty adorable, and actually one of the most luxurious tops to wear. If you are thinking about getting an Equipment blouse, I highly recommend it. In fact, I am trying to decide which solid color to buy next. One of the perks of this purchase is that you can own it forever- even if they go out of style for a bit, they will come back (as my mother learned as she watched me buy this and reminisced about the multiples she used to own in the mid 90s and got rid of).

i heart you!

p.s. so glad you all enjoyed the glitter guide tea party feature! I have received many inquiries about the goodie bags I put together for my guests. I posted a little “how-to” complete with shopping guide in the comments section of the glitter guide post here – so check it out!

blouse: Equipment, jeans: Madewell, shoes: Vince Camuto, purse: Rebecca Minkoff, lipstick: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl

  1. Hi Tara ,
    I checked out the post on glitter guide …. beautiful party all around. I love your tea cups of course and how colorful everything was. Your gift bags were darling and kind of you to do.

    Love you sweetie,

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